Best of: Top 5 Musical Moments on ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Thanks to superb music supervisor Christopher Mollere (The Vampire Diaries) and composer Michael Suby (The Vampire Diaries, as well), Pretty Little Liars is chock-full of excellent musical moments/montages. Below are some of the show’s best, in no particular order.

***SPOILER WARNING: this article includes several major plot points!!***

1. The Opening Credits

How could anyone discuss the show’s music without mentioning Pretty Little Liars‘s opening credits, complete with the perfectly appropriate theme song “Secret” by The Pierces? I couldn’t find good video of the credits, but you can hear the song yourself, below.

2. Maya’s Death

After a traumatic night in Season 2’s finale–during which the elusive A was finally unmasked–the core four returned home to find one more gut-wrenching shock waiting for them: the discovery of murdered Maya’s body. The song “Suggestions” by Orelia Has Orchestra played over the heartbreaking final scene, as poor Emily went from stunned disbelief to crippling grief, and her shocked friends tried desperately to comfort her.

3. Ghost Train Arrival

Though season 3’s Halloween episode was notable for its musical guest star, Adam Lambert, the episode also featured a subtly cheeky moment where the Liars & Co. arrived at the ghost train and revealed their previously-secret costume choices to one another while Mikky Ekko’s “Who Are You, Really?” played in the background. The song fit well with the cute and fun moment as Hanna channeled Marilyn Monroe, Spencer and Toby imitated Bonnie and Clyde, and Emily dropped jaws in a stunning Barbarella costume.

4. Ezria’s Kiss in the Rain

After hitting a huge obstacle in their relationship–revealing said relationship’s existence to Aria’s parents–Ezra and Aria found themselves in the midst of an impending break-up until Aria phoned Ezra to meet her, and, after several tense moments where it didn’t seem like he’d show, Ezra finally drove to Aria and kissed her in the rain. The Rescue’s achingly-lovely song “My Heart With You” played as the camera circled the soaking but happily reunited pair. The song can’t be found on iTunes or Amazon, but Noisetrade’s offering a free download here.

5. Wilden’s Funeral

In the season 4 premiere, MS MR’s “Hurricane” played over the PLLs’ arrival to recently-felled enemy Officer Wilden’s funeral. Their appearance was for personal reasons rather than a desire to respect Wilden’s memory–A had planted false evidence of the girls’ involvement in Wilden’s death somewhere in his open casket. How perfect was that shot of the girls, clad in their funereal best, walking down the sidewalk together?

Double Bonus: 

Spencer and Toby’s reunion during the season 3 finale, set to Lana Del Rey’s “Ride.” (Song begins around the 1:55 mark.)

The official beginning and ending of Aria and Ezra’s relationship, both set to the song “Begin Again” by Measure while the duo stand in the high school stairwell.

Let me know your favorite musical moments from Pretty Little Liars in the comments!