‘Pretty Little Liars’ S4E5 Recap: The Secret Life of Bees

Photo Courtesy of ABC Family

On last night’s Pretty Little Liars, Aria attempted to push her mother into traveling overseas, Emily and Spencer paid a visit to Cicero College, and Hanna did her best to protect Ashley from the law. Despite the discovery of Wilden’s potential murder weapon, a bee attack, and an out-of-Rosewood adventure wherein Spence discovered the phone whose number Tippy the bird had been singing, ‘Gamma Zeta Die!’ still felt a bit dull–until the very end, that is. The girls spent the majority of the episode apart, and their respective significant others were absent, forcing the story to dial in on the girls’ individual storylines. Unfortunately, the episode featured little forward momentum and merely circled around ground the show’s been covering since the beginning, i.e. Ashley’s potential involvement in Wilden’s murder and whomever Tippy the bird had indicated Alison was calling.

Anyway, here we go.

Photo Courtesy of ABC Family

1. Aria

After learning her mother planned to back out of her Vienna trip, Aria recruited her father to change her mother’s mind. Oh, and A sicced a hive of rabid bees on Mama Montgomery via her car, resulting in plenty of swelling and A threatening Aria with worse “venom” to come. Aria was pretty gung-ho on her mother leaving the country, both for fear of her mother’s safety, as well as her hopes for her mother’s future happiness. Mr. Montgomery agreed; he told Mama Montgomery this trip was a second chance, and she should definitely take it. Other than an altercation with her brother (that resulted in him using the fun phrase “frisky with Fitz” and the word “boffing” in the same sentence), and a chat with Hanna about Ashley’s missing muddy shoes, Aria was largely sidelined this episode.

2. Spencer

When Spencer’s mother set her up with an admissions coach to revamp her image (read: work around Spence’s stint at Radley), Spencer jumped on the opportunity to visit Cicero College, which had phone numbers similar to the one Tippy’d been singing. Emily, genuinely interested in checking out the school, tagged along. The girls had a spat when Spence accused Emily of flirting with admissions coach Brendan to get college help, and Emily refused to help Spencer with her campus questioning for clues about Alison. After having no luck showing the college crowd a picture of Alison, Spencer headed upstairs and wandered across a hidden panic room. Inside was a pink phone; Spence plugged it into the wall and dialed Aria–sure enough, the number that popped up on Aria’s phone was the one Tippy had given the girls.

Photo Courtesy of ABC Family

3. Emily

After letting Brendan down gently, Emily went off in search of Hanna (who’d stopped by the sorority party with a gun in her purse). In the woods, Emily heard someone tailing her, but it was simply a college student wanting to scare her and spray her with silly string. She ended up running into Spencer in the woods, just in time to witness the cops’ arrival.

4. Hanna

Stressed to the point of nightmares about her mother in a prison jumpsuit, Hanna spent the episode investigating her mother’s secrets. When she discovered the muddy heels were missing, Hanna broke into her mother’s locked closet and found her father’s missing gun, AKA the gun potentially used to murder Wilden. Hanna stuffed the gun into a bag and ran of in search of Spence and Emily at Cicero. After a frat boy accidentally dumped Cheetos on her, Hanna ignored Spencer’s insistence on staying put and ran off into the woods. She began digging a hole to bury the gun (a stupid move–when has digging in the woods ever done the girls any good? Hey Hanna, remember the shovel incident?) and was abruptly busted by a set of policemen A had not-so-helpfully tipped off. As Spencer and Emily watched, Hanna was arrested and shoved in the back of a police car.

So, all-in-all a rather uneventful episode, Hanna’s arrest and Spencer’s discovery of the phone aside. Hopefully next week will be a bit more exciting, plus the final scene with A indicated the mysterious house mother mentioned during the sorority party might be popping up soon.