‘Nashville’ S1E18 Recap: Home Again

I’m going to make this a quickie recap. Also, there will be spoilers, of course!

With a few days off from the tour, Juliette and Dante decide to go house-hunting together. Juliette’s become so immersed in her new relationship that she ignores her band at rehearsal, despite Deacon’s protests. When Juliette finally refuses to talk privately with Deacon, he tells Juliette he’s done. Her response is pretty harsh: “That’s fine. You’re replaceable.” Ouch. But I think Deacon’s the lucky one here, for finally escaping Juliette’s roller-coaster attitudes. After Deacon leaves, Jolene swings by to accuse Dante of kissing another woman. Apparently, she’d been tailing him (because she doesn’t like her current sponsor and needs someone to talk to) and saw him with someone else, whom Dante claims was simply his realtor friend, Esme. Furious, Juliette kicks her mother out, but later sets up a meeting with Esme. After drilling Esme with questions about her relationship with Dante, Juliette seems reassured of Dante’s innocence and agrees to buy the house they had been looking at. When Juliette and Dante attempt to have an intervention with Jolene, they find pills in her bag. However, Juliette examines the pills after Dante’s taken her mother home and realizes they can’t possibly be Jolene’s, because Jolene is severely allergic to them. At this point, Dante’s gone missing and Juliette learns he’s swindled her out of a hefty chunk of money. The last we see of him, he’s on a plane with Esme, ignoring phone calls from Juliette. Good riddance. I never did warm to his character; he was shady from the start. Juliette decides to keep the house as a reminder that she can’t trust anyone.

Scarlett meets with Rayna, and, after some encouragement from Deacon, tells Rayna she needs Gunnar for her music. Rayna agrees to give Gunnar another shot, but he’s none too pleased with Scarlett about this. Gunnar’s been spending a lot of time with Luke, whose on-stage presence and music he admires, and he wants to figure himself out, music-wise. He begins blowing Scarlett off to spend time with new buddy Will, but their relationship is shot to hell by the end of the episode, when, following a confession from Gunnar about the origin of the song he sang at open-mic night at Tootsie’s, Luke kisses him. Gunnar, shocked, kicks Will out of his house.

Left alone by Gunnar, Scarlett runs into Avery working backstage at Rayna’s concert. Post-concert, Scarlett approaches Avery and tells him she likes seeing this side to him; it reminds her of how he was when they first met. Avery confesses that he’s trying to get back to the person he was and lets Scarlett on the arena stage. I have never been an Avery fan, so I’m hoping Nashville isn’t hinting at putting these two back together.

Teddy, suspicious of Peggy since learning she was the leak, keeps blowing her off and meets with someone who confirms Peggy was, without a doubt, the person who leaked Teddy and Rayna’s divorce to the tabloids. When Teddy confronts her, Peggy attempts to lie her way through his accusations but mentions her deal with Lamar, which Teddy didn’t know about. Angry, Teddy kicks her out and impulsively begins canceling metro contacts, upsetting both Cole and Lamar. After a harsh confrontation with Lamar, Tandy runs to Cole and suggests they form an alliance. She also hints for Cole to look into Teddy’s past, specifically the Cumberland deal. Honestly, this whole storyline was a bore. Neither Teddy nor Peggy are interesting, and they’re especially not interesting together. Anyway, moving on. I’ve saved the episode’s best storyline development for last.

Rayna reunites with Liam, and, once he learns she’s officially no longer married, Liam kisses her. After Liam buys reservations for a vacation in St. Lucia, Rayna decides she wants to have some fun and agrees to go with him. The two perform a song Rayna wrote with Deacon, and Deacon, watching from the crowd, leaves Stacey and the concert, visibly upset. After confessing to Stacey that he still has feelings for Rayna, Deacon tells Rayna the truth; he still has feelings for her and isn’t succeeding at moving on. Rayna advises him to fix things with Stacey, because she’s about to spend a weekend with Liam, but she reconsiders while packing for the Caribbean. Rayna stops by Deacon’s and tells him she loves him. The two share a kiss on the porch, and, the last we see of them, are (finally!) hooking up in Deacon’s house.

A bit of an uneven episode, with the weak Teddy/Peggy plotline and the Dante mess, but thankfully Nashville appears to be cutting out the weaker characters (Dante, Peggy, and possibly Will) and story lines as the series approaches its season finale.

Rating: 7/10