‘Hemlock Grove’ Playlist

Hemlock Grove recently created a playlist (entitled “The Monster Is Within”) of songs featured on the show for Spotify. The link is here: http://open.spotify.com/user/hemlockgrove/playlist/3IMSBCnke9WUno9zD3WVH8. The show’s music supervisor is the incredible Liza Richardson, who has also worked on Friday Night Lights, The Secret Circle, Parenthood, and The Following, just to name a few.

Below, I picked the top five songs from the playlist.

1. Geri – Superhumanoids

2. Sister Song – Perfume Genius

3. Bad Ritual – Timber Timbre

4. People That You Must Remember – Zulu Winter

5. Make Me a Bird – Elektrik People


‘Hemlock Grove’ Review

Hemlock Grove is so unconventional that I’m not even sure where to begin.

Let’s see…

The show centers around the small, supernaturally-charged town of Hemlock Grove, where young girls are being murdered by a mysterious being who might be human or monster or a mixture of both. The main suspect is gypsy Peter Rumancek, who has just moved to town with his mother, Lynda, after the death of his uncle.

The police aren’t the only ones interested in Peter; he also attracts the attention of teenaged, wannabe novelist Christina, Peter’s own cousin Destiny, the town psychic, and Roman Godfrey, who believes he is a “warrior” tasked with solving the murders and catching the killer himself.

The town, and show, is full to the brim with a cast of colorful, odd characters, including, but not limited to, Roman’s sister, Shelley, a soft-hearted girl with a monstrous appearance, Roman’s mother, Olivia, a secretive and intimidating woman who is hated by the majority of the town, Roman’s cousin Letha, who claims she has been impregnated by an angel, and Letha’s father, psychiatrist Norman, who serves as confidant to Shelley.

As the elusive killer is hunted, the town and it’s inhabitants’ various secrets and hidden monstrosities begin to slowly unfold, often in horrific, and occasionally gory, detail.

Weaknesses include several instances of clunky, awkward dialogue, a plot that was nearly nonsensical at times, a vaguely misogynistic ending and Oliva’s incredibly unnatural accent. Also, though the show starts slow, the pace quickly picks up a few episodes in, and you’ll find yourself drawn to Hemlock Grove‘s strange story and fascinatingly complex cast of characters.

By no means great TV, Hemlock Grove is still impulsively watchable, surprisingly entertaining, and well worth binge-watching over the course of a weekend or two.

Rating: 7/10