‘Pretty Little Liars’ S4E10 Recap: Mommie Dearest

Photo Courtesy of ABC Family (abcfamily.com)

Remember when A was being a weirdo and drilling holes in someone’s floor? And removing porch panels so she/he/it could climb underneath a house? Well, like all of A’s secret plans, this one had a purpose–to spy on the DiLaurentis’ home from the safety of their dank, dark basement. That’s right–A, possibly homeless and definitely crazy, set up a cozy little hideaway complete with a sleeping bag and various pieces of trash (A’s a surprisingly huge slob, FYI) BENEATH A DEAD GIRL’S HOUSE. You’re such a psycho, A. But you’re also smarter than everyone on the show, including the police? At this rate, A won’t be caught until season 10, when all of the Liars are homeless orphans settling in for a long-term stay at Radley after their collective mental breakdown.

Whoops, that got dark! Sorry, let’s just talk about “The Mirror Has Three Faces,” shall we? And guess who earned her own paragraph in this week’s recap! The deliciously devious…

1. Mona

If you thought being locked away in a psychiatric hospital would keep Mona from wreaking havoc on everyone’s lives, then you were WRONG. In true Mona fashion, she sassed cutie-slash-possible-A-accomplice Dr. Wren as he attempted to pull the truth from her by poking fun at his inability to spell on her notes and calling him out as a liar. He, in turn, revealed he knew she was off her meds and suspected she had nothing to do with Wilden’s death. The stand-off ended when Wren left and took off for Mrs. Hasting’s to warn her about Mona’s dangerous ways; he suggested Mona hadn’t forgiven any of the Liars and wanted to see all of them, families included, hurt. Mrs. Hastings responded by stopping for a visit with Mona, wherein Mama Hastings threatened a future in prison for a thoroughly-unfazed Mona. Actually, Mona seemed pretty pleased by this confrontation after Mrs. Hastings left–either everything is going smoothly in some plan of hers, or she finds being harassed amusing. Maybe both? Oh, Mona. Never change.

Photo Courtesy of ABC Family (abcfamily.com)

2. Hanna

Though Hanna wanted to pay Mona a visit, Caleb successfully talked her out of it and gave her something else instead: the potential address of Cece Blake, located in Philly. Oh, and he also pushed her to tell her parents and the cops about A, which Hanna vehemently refused to do. Not because she believes a handful of teens can handle a psychopathic stalker/murderer alone, but because she’s afraid of how A will react to being outed. Around Caleb’s back, Hanna sought out Dr. Wren and begged a favor; after hearing a blonde had attempted to see Mona, she wanted him to check out Radley’s security cameras. Initially Wren declined, smartly trying to keep out of the Liars’ drama, but caved because he can’t seem to resist the pleas of a pretty teenager. Though, once Hanna left, he paid a call to someone about a “problem” that he would take care of. So, presumably Wren’s gone dark side now–a shame, since he always seemed like one of the good ones (weakness for teen girls aside). Later, Hanna ran into Caleb trying to visit Veronica, the counselor who previously skipped town rather than help the Liars. Caleb’s afraid for Hanna, especially since he can do nothing to keep her safe from an enemy that’s “everywhere and nowhere.” While his concern is undeniably sweet, shouldn’t he have chosen someone other than flighty Veronica? Doesn’t matter–he never made it inside, but kissed Hanna on the sidewalk instead, under the watchful eyes of Wren from his parked car. And, Ashley’s also out of a lawyer, after an anonymous tip (revealed to be WREN) accused Mrs. Hasting’s of obstructing justice and pushing Mona to falsely confess. Poor Ashley just can’t catch a break, can she?

3. Spencer

After Toby’s delivered an envelope of sheet music and a note about lambs and lions, he and Spencer set off for another visit to the dementia-ridden Dr. Palmer. Of course, Dr. Palmer had no idea what the pair were talking about; that is, until Spencer took the sheet music and began playing piano. He immediately believed she was Toby’s mother and questioned her about Toby’s next visit before dropping a mention of Mrs. DiLaurentis. Spencer automatically assumed Mrs. DiLaurentis was the blonde whom Dr. Palmer previously warned Toby of, but Spencer’s usually a little wrong about these things, isn’t she? So let’s assume Mrs. DiLaurentis is a red herring, as she all but confirmed when Spencer confronted her. Turns out, Alison and Cece liked to play mind games by imitating one another; once, Cece dressed as Alison and stopped by Radley, which resulted in a frantic Jessica DiLaurentis skipping several stop signs as she raced to her self-harming “daughter.” Doesn’t everyone spend their adolescent years trying on their best friend’s personality? No? Just me, then? Moving on…

Photo Courtesy of ABC Family (abcfamily.com)

4. Aria

Once learning Jake had a match in Philly, Aria invited herself along, much to Jake’s happy surprise. Taking advantage of her situation, Aria also paid that potential Cece Drake address a visit (under the guise of seeking fro-yo), but merely ran into a huffy ex-acquaintance of Cece’s as she was moving out. The woman revealed Alison had gotten Cece kicked out of college after knocking someone down the stairs at a party, then called Aria a “she-devil” once learning she’d been a friend of Ali’s. Aria’s reaction to the nickname was priceless, but she wasn’t exactly innocent back then, was she? On her way back to Jake, Aria received a call from Ezra (who’d spent the episode learning Malcolm was not his biological son, which, ugh Pretty Little Liars, seriously? But Ezra’s response was pretty heartbreaking, so props for giving Ezra a good storyline outside of his relationship with Aria) that she ignored. After winning his match, Jake and Aria shared a cheesy-but-sweet moment on a stoop, eating burritos, ragging on one another, and kissing. Team Jake, yeah? Though Malcolm was the obstacle separating Aria and Ezra (not their age gap, of course–don’t be ridiculous), and he’s gone now…

5. Emily

As Emily quickly found out, moving into the room of your dead best friend/occasional lover is both creepy and pretty sad, especially when said friend’s mother wanders around the home crying and practically begging for the company of her dead daughter’s best friends. Seriously, every scene any of the girls shared with Mrs. DiLaurentis was usually a little odd but mostly just heavily sad–not only is the woman still mourning the loss of her daughter, but also she’s been served divorce papers by her husband. Luckily, she seemed to take solace in Emily’s company (even expressing a wish that Alison had returned Emily’s feelings once Emily revealed to Mrs. DiLaurentis that she’s a lesbian), and Emily was conveniently put in the position to discover A’s underground hideout.

Lastly, A took that dirty and incriminating high heel of Ashley’s and tossed it among the wreckage of Emily’s house, right beside a cracked photo of Emily. Presumably Em’s her next target (A has a serious fixation with her), so Emily should probably just get the hell out of town now, graduation be damned. And, I forgot to mention the incident when Hanna stopped by House DiLaurentis, and A sneaked around RIGHT BEHIND HER wearing her signature red coat and Alison mask. Though A was literally two feet behind her, Hanna never even heard or saw Red Coat, so A’s obviously either a ghost or a ninja or BOTH.

That’s it!

P.S. World War A (hahahahaha) is only two weeks away, ARE YOU READY FOR IT?


BONUS: That lovely, slightly spooky song closing out the episode was “In Every Dream Home a Heartache” by Talk Normal.




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