‘Teen Wolf’ S3E9 Recap: The Girl in Question

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Photo Courtesy of MTV

“The Girl Who Knew Too Much” had not one but TWO shocking reveals–the first being the identity of the Darach, and the second being the two-and-a-half season long mystery surrounding Lydia, who up till now had seemed like a psychic with a taste for screaming. Oh, and Stiles finally told his father about Beacon Hills’s supernatural shenanigans, Scott sought advice on the murders and his impending-True Alpha status, and Allison bonded with Isaac whilst hunting for the evil Druid killer.

The episode opened with the murder of a cop investigating a 911 call from inside the high school. After running into a group of students (including Danny) practicing for an upcoming recital, the cop was pulled into the locker room and strangled. Shortly after the murder, the core four arrived at the school thanks to Lydia’s spidey senses and found the body. The Darach sure loves slaughtering people from/within the high school (HINT HINT).

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Anyway, the next day Allison faked a sick day so she could follow Mr. Argent (whom she suspected of being the killer). As she was preparing her weapons, a noise from outside set her on guard, and she pulled a lurking Isaac through the window and held a knife to his throat. Scott had sent him to check up on Allison, though, as she pointed out, she can take care of herself.

With Aiden back in school, Scott and Stiles had to devise a plan to get Ethan alone (they wanted to question him about the Alpha pack’s druid emissary, because Ethan is the nicer twin). That plan involved Lydia, who pulled Aiden into an abandoned classroom for a make-out session, which was promptly interrupted by Cora scratching the werewolf revenge symbol onto the door. Aiden chased Cora to the locker room (Why do so many fights happen in the locker room? Is that just the easiest place to stage them in? Or just the most private?) and began to beat her with some weights before Ethan (who, while being questioned by Scott and Stiles, had felt a pain in his chest indicating his brother was injured) stopped him. The mission was only semi-successful–Scott and Stiles learned the twins had been the omegas (or, as Stiles said, “bitches”) of their pack, and, when the Deucalion showed them how to do their back-fisting trick, they slaughtered everyone, including the Alpha–but Cora wound up grievously injured in the fight. Stiles, ever the gentleman, offered to take her home,

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Back at Apartment Argent, Allison showed Isaac her father’s map. When Isaac took a step back so he could see the whole picture, the pair found a five-fold knot AKA a Celtic symbol on Mr. Argent’s desk. Each knot represented a group of sacrifices, which Mr. Argent wrote in the center: virgins, warriors, healers, philosophers, and guardians. Because of the dead cop, Allison and Isaac presumed the guardians were being targeted. They gave Stiles a call to protect his father, and Stiles realized it was time to let the Sheriff in on the truth. Though Stiles did his best to explain, he only made his father angry. As a last ditch attempt to reveal the truth, Stiles enlisted Cora to shift; unfortunately, Cora fainted instead.

Done with his lone wolf brooding, Derek returned to Ms. Blake–the pair shared a cheese-tastic reunion complete with slo-mo walking and leaves blowing. Luckily (for us), the bell rang. Inside the school, Scott stopped by guidance counselor/druid emissary Ms. Morell’s office to accuse her of being the murderer and then receive some advice when he realized she wasn’t a killer. In her professional opinion, the Deucalion either wants to possess Scott or destroy him.

Then the Darach kidnapped a teacher–one minute, he was writing notes on the board, the next he was gone and a five-fold knot had replaced the notes–and Lydia wandered into his classroom in a trance-like state. She proceeded to pick up the teacher’s fallen chalk, write a “2” in one of the circles, and scream. Ms. Blake, Scott, and a handful of judgey students filed into the room as Lydia declared she was either psychic or “something!”

Using Mr. Argent’s map, Allison and Isaac found the location of the next sacrifice. They were too late to save the teacher, and Mr. Argent was immediately ruled out as a suspect when he arrived with his guns literally blazing. The trio called the cops and then headed to the school, where the recital Ms. Blake had set up to honor the dead was about to start. (Because they wanted to catch the Darach, who was clearly targeting philosophers instead of guardians, not because they were eager to hear some mournful music.)

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Lydia decided to stick around for the fun; she and Scott shared a sweet moment when Lydia told him she wanted to find a body before its death so someone like Scott could save the victim. Scott earnestly promised her he’d do exactly that. Then the Argents and Isaac (looking apologetically at a confused Scott) arrived, and the recital began.

Still refusing to believe his son, the Sheriff convinced Mama McCall to help him read about a past murder. Apparently, a woman had been killed and hundreds of birds had simultaneously offed themselves as a sacrifice.

Lydia left the recital and was immediately cornered by Ms. Blake–AKA the Darach!–in an empty classroom and knocked unconscious. (Ms. Blake’s been pretty boring until now, with no real role aside from Derek’s snooze-worthy love interest, but this reveal changes everything!) Lydia woke to the recital musicians playing the Darach’s murder theme (which sounds awfully reminiscent of the prisoners’ chanting as Batman climbed out of hole in The Dark Knight Rises, doesn’t it?), and then Ms. Blake started spouting nonsense about sacrifices for deities and necessary evil. (On second thought, maybe her new villain status won’t make her suck any less.) Ms. Blake intended to kill Lydia for “knowing too much,” but Lydia replied to this by screaming loud enough to affect all of the wolves in the vicinity, including Derek at the hospital visiting Cora. (There was also a gruesome bit here where a cord in the piano snapped and sliced the pianist’s neck, effectively killing her and causing a mass panic.) Ms. Blake realized what Lydia was–a wailing woman, AKA a banshee (Via Google, a banshee is an omen of death who wails when someone is about to die). COOL. Teen Wolf‘s been tormenting us with Lydia’s true nature for ages now, so it’s nice to finally understand who and what she is.

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Anyway, Sheriff Stilinski arrived to save Lydia, but Ms. Blake tossed a knife at his chest. Then Scott showed up, wolfed out, and attacked, but Ms. Blake has some wicked Druid skills and shoved him in the chest; Scott flew across the room and began coughing up blood. Lastly, Stiles tried to get into the room, but Ms. Blake shoved a desk against the door and approached the Sheriff. He shot her in the leg, but she healed, confirmed she was behind the murder he had looked into with Mama McCall, kissed him (I don’t know) and then kidnapped him.

I bet you believe in the supernatural now, Sheriff Stilinski! (I’m sorry.)

See you next week!



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