‘Pretty Little Liars’ S4E7 Recap: Car Trouble

Photo Courtesy of ABC Family

Last night’s Pretty Little Liars featured a stellar bromance, plenty of mommy issues, some vehicular mishaps, and a glimpse at just how deep A’s influence goes. Seriously, does A have some kind of mystical powers? Not only is she/he/it always aware of where the liars (as well as their families) are, she also knows what they’re doing and what they’re planning–her detective skills easily outmatch the Rosewood police department’s (which, admittedly, is not very impressive considering the cops’ track record), though she does seem to have cohorts everywhere. I’m not complaining, just marveling at A’s freakishly talented abilities.

Enough about A, let’s get to “Crash and Burn, Girl!”

1. Hanna

With Ashley in jail, Hanna spends most of the episode in tears or paying the bills. The girls try to comfort their friend with food, moral support, and a bit of breaking and entering (more on that in a bit), but the best help comes from the excellent team-up of Caleb and Toby. After collecting all the clues the group has thus far on A, the pair attempt to track down the plane Red Coat used to rescue the liars from the fire at the end of season 3. Initially, their search comes up empty–the man who helps them at the air field shows them a false report–but the two wisen up after reading the initials on the lighter Toby had found and confront the worker, Nigel. After confessing that he’d been paid to write up a feigned report, he shoves the boys and runs, but not before Caleb manages to lift Nigel’s cell from his pocket. Oh, and Nigel mentions the girl he helped was none other than Cece Drake.

Photo Courtesy of ABC Family

2. Emily

Despite a lack of funds and insurance coverage, Emily’s mom still schedules Emily an appointment with a doctor who will give her tissue-strengthening shots for her shoulder. When Emily’s mom bails on driving Em to the appointment, Emily reschedules so she can help Hanna and Ashley. Unfortunately, Emily’s method of helping involves snatching a key (from the POLICE STATION) to Wilden’s apartment, a move which later leads to Mrs. Fields’s suspension when the missing key is needed. With Aria and Spencer, Emily breaks into Wilden’s apartment to search from clues. Aside from a stack of porn and some clothing, the girls wind up empty–that is, until Aria spots a package resting beneath Wilden’s kitchen table. Spence opens the box (which contains some nasty, rotting meat) and finds a note from A. (Because A has her claws in EVERYONE, though Wilden’s been mixed up in A’s drama for a while, so this isn’t necessarily a surprise. However, the note seemed more friendly than threatening, suggesting Wilden was willingly helping A. Also, a barbecue was mentioned, hinting at Wilden’s involvement in the fire.) Later, Emily eavesdrops on her mother talking with her father about their money troubles when a CAR comes crashing through the living room. No one’s hurt (yet), but the incident will no doubt shake all of the girls up for episodes to come. (Also, what is A’s fascination with cars?)

3. Aria

Though all signs point to Mike having smashed Connor’s car, Aria realizes the more likely suspect is A. After a confrontation with the principal (who’s a real ass, by the way), Aria begins to seriously worry about Mike, especially after Connor and his parents threaten legal action. Mr. Montgomery steps in, but it’s Ezra who successfully saves the day; when he points out the lack of evidence surrounding the vandalism, the principal relents and withdraws his threat to have Mike expelled. To thank Ezra, Aria stops by his apartment with a note. When Ezra doesn’t answer her knocking, Aria slips the note under his door and turns to leave, running into Ezra returning from grocery shopping. The pair share a sweet moment (Ezra informs Aria that there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her), but Aria leaves in a rush.

Photo Courtesy of ABC Family

4. Spencer

Aside from delivering bad news to Hanna regarding Ashley’s impending prison sentence and helping the girls break into Wilden’s place, Spence doesn’t have much to do this episode. The girls trust her again after lying about the RV, but Toby isn’t ready for them to know about his mother, so Spencer keeps his secret.

Lastly, Nigel is seen chatting with someone whose face we never see. He tells her his cell phone was stolen by Caleb and calls her “babe.” Was he talking to A, Cece, or someone completely different? Who knows. Next, A stops by the hardware store, picks up a copy of Home Repair for Morons, a roll of duct tape, and a $50 gift card for Emily. You’re so cheeky, A.

And that’s it! The promo for next week looks promising, but it did say someone would be paying “the ultimate price” (AKA death in TV speak), so we have that to look forward to/dread. Who do you think will be biting it?

Bonus: Here’s a music video for that lovely song that played while Hanna put together her mother’s outfit. The song is “Freight Train” by Sara Jackson-Holman.


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