‘Pretty Little Liars’ S4E6 Recap: The Raven

Photo Courtesy of ABC Family (abcfamily.com)

On last night’s Pretty Little Liars, we got our first look at the oh-so-creepy (and undeniably awesome) Ravenswood when Spencer and Toby paid the freakish town a visit whilst on a hunt for Mrs. Grunwald, Aria faced some vicious rumors at school, Emily tried to help Hanna but found herself in deep water, and Hanna was placed under parental house arrest as the Marins waited for the potentially-incriminating testing results on Mr. Marin’s gun. Oh, and Mona and Ezra are back!

Here we go…

1. Emily

Thanks to her shoulder injury, Emily’s been booted from the swim team. Her replacement happens to be none other than Jenna’s lady-friend Shana, who is now enrolled at Rosewood High. (I’m pretty sure there are rules against transferring schools mid-semester and immediately joining another school’s athletic team, but whatever.) After A threatened to frame Hanna’s parents for Wilden’s murder if Hanna told them everything, Emily took matters into her own hands–she retrieved the video of Jenna and Melissa helping Wilden after Ashley hit him with her car and dropped it off anonymously at the police station. Unfortunately, Detective Tanner stopped by the coffee shop’s open mic night and pulled Emily away to the station; the video she’d dropped off had been tampered with, and now showed someone looking a lot like Emily holding up a sign reading “guilty.” Uh oh, Em.

2. Aria 

After attempting to do something nice and help a friend of Mike’s, Connor, review his English homework, Aria instead became the victim of an unwanted kiss (which was seriously cringe-worthy, and Aria quickly pushed Connor away) and a nasty case of scandalous locker room rumors. When Aria found out what Connor’d been saying, she stormed down the hallway (obliviously passing a concerned-looking Ezra) and into the locker room to confront the liar. Ezra arrived to break up the confrontation, but not before Connor mentioned the rumors about Aria and Ezra and then called her a slut. Later, Aria sat alone on the school steps and flipped through awful, suggestive texts from other students. Ezra saw her and tried to help, but Aria snapped at him to leave her alone and left. After all, there was truth to the rumors. Upset, Aria retreated for her bed to cry in peace, but Mike stopped by her room to comfort her. Mike said he was her brother, and it was his job to protect her–something he’d been failing miserably at thus far–and promised to do better. The moment was incredibly sweet, though Mike’s idea of protecting his sister evidently turned out to be vandalizing Connor’s car–as Aria was at open mic night, a hooded stranger took a baseball bat to Connor’s windows. The obvious offender is Mike, though there was a shot of Ezra peering in at Aria through the coffee shop windows. I’m not sure if this moment was meant to indicate Ezra was a suspect in the vandalism (which I seriously, seriously doubt) or simply to show that Ezra was missing Aria.

3. Hanna 

Pre-credits, Hanna was rescued from the police station by both of her parents (her father paid her bail) and taken home. Unfortunately, Detective Tanner informed the family they’d be holding onto Mr. Marin’s gun for evidence testing. The trio spent the rest of the episode engaged in mutual fear and various forms of domestic warfare (well, mostly they just fought a lot and shut down Hanna’s phone and internet, but still). Though she initially tried to lie, Ashley finally confessed that she had stolen the gun for protection against Wilden. Also, according to her, she’d confronted Wilden, but he’d taken the gun away from her. Who knows if this is true, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon, because Ashley was arrested at the end of the episode when testing revealed her fingerprints on the gun’s bullets.

4. Spencer

Hoping to find and question ex-sorority house mother Mrs. Grunwald, Spencer and Toby took a road trip to Ravenswood. From the get-go, the town was strange (and not just because the show’s normally-bright colors had been muted)–there were no street signs, strangers on the street refused to even acknowledge the out-of-town pair, and birds liked to flock around the town cawing and occasionally committing suicide against Spence’s windshield. Oh, and sometimes the townspeople gather for a midday meeting at an angel statue in the middle of town? Spencer spotted Shana at this weird-ass gathering and then witnessed her climbing into Jenna’s car. And she did manage to find Mrs. Grunwald in the town’s salon, but Mrs. Grunwald refused to talk to Spencer and denied all allegations of ever knowing Alison or her alter-ego, Vivian. Bummer.

Last shot of the episode, A was seen hot-wiring someone’s car and wearing an Alison mask.



–Mona had been absent tracking down her stolen RV/lair. She found proof that Toby’d taken it and immediately outed him to the liars. Spencer told the others Mona was telling the truth, but, at Toby’s request, kept his mission to find answers for his mom a secret.

–How awesome was Ravenswood, seriously? I loved it. I’m ridiculously excited for the spin-off’s premiere in October now, and I think it’s going to be a nice addition to the Pretty Little Liars universe.



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