‘Teen Wolf’ S3E7 Recap: Electric Feel

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Last night’s Teen Wolf felt like a jumbled mess of high stakes danger mixed with occasional bursts of humor–a formula Teen Wolf usually excels at but felt a bit off in “Currents.” The humor, usually sprinkled so seamlessly throughout each episode, frequently felt a little forced and unwelcome. Instead of balancing the seriousness, the humor actually seemed to negate it. Though still a good episode with plenty of strong moments, “Currents” felt unsteady after so many episodes of consistently great storytelling.

Anyway, last night’s episode kicked off with Danny being dragged into the hospital by evil Alpha twin Ethan. He was struggling to breathe and, after throwing up, Ethan and Scott (who’d been dropping dinner off for his overwhelmed mom) realized he’d been poisoned by mistletoe. With the on-call doctor missing, Ms. McCall took immediate action and jammed a needle into Danny’s chest when his lung collapsed, successfully saving him and impressing both Ethan (who told Scott he’d done nothing to harm Danny) and Scott. Unfortunately, the doctor who’d been speeding to the hospital was attacked by a horde of butterflies (I’m not kidding) and kidnapped. She later turned up strangled to death, along with another doctor who’d also gone missing. Two new sacrifices down, one more to go. Though Scott feared for his mother’s life, it was actually Deaton who was in danger–when butterflies began to cover the vet’s windows, he gave Scott a call and told him he was about to be taken, and he needed Scott to find him.

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Meanwhile, Kali (the deranged Alpha who likes running around barefoot) decided to hunt Derek. Hoping to electrocute her, Boyd, Isaac, and Derek flooded Derek’s loft and prepared the wiring necessary to shock an Alpha to death. Unfortunately, Kali was smarter than they gave her credit for and cut the power completely. Then, she had the twins wrangle in Ms. Blake and threatened to have her killed if Boyd and Isaac helped Derek fight.

While trying to track down Deaton (using Lydia, after Cora claimed Lydia had psychic powers), Scott was interrupted by the Deucalion, who offered Scott a clue (“follow the current”) and told Scott he’d only have enough time to save one person–Deaton or Derek–but not both. Also, Allison discovered a map in her father’s office and called Scott over. With a black light, the pair found markings on the map indicating where townspeople had been taken and killed, but the map didn’t simply mark the deaths that had already happened; it also marked the deaths that were still to come. After Lydia suggested Stiles question Danny (who the crew puzzled out had been poisoned by the Druid for discovering something important), Stiles rushed to the hospital and raided Danny’s bag (all whilst attempting to convince Danny he was dreaming), where he found a project Danny’d been working on that involved supernatural currents running through Beacon Hills. When paired with the map, Danny’s project revealed that the markings on the map were where currents crossed; Cora then realized Deaton was being held in the bank where she and Boyd had been held. Scott sent Cora, Lydia, and Stiles to Derek’s to help him and went after Deaton alone.

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Cora, Stiles, and Lydia arrived too late to be of much help–they flipped on the power and Ms. Blake was rescued by Isaac in the ensuing electrical shock–but Kali seized the moment and shoved Boyd on Derek’s outstretched claws. With a parting goodbye informing Derek he should join the Alpha pack, Kali and the twins left. Boyd, dying, told Derek he didn’t regret a thing–the feeling he got around the full moon was the best feeling in the world to him, and he was happy he’d been able to have it. Right before he died, he assured Derek that he didn’t blame him for anything. Derek, crushed, was comforted with a hand on the shoulder by Stiles while Cora howled, and the others looked on the scene with palpable grief.

Across town, Scott found Deaton hanging from the bank’s ceiling by his roped wrists and apparently already dead. Scott tried to rush to the vet, but was stopped by a circle of ash (wolfsbane, maybe? I can’t remember). He was shocked backwards but rushed forward again, with more determination. As he fought to break through the circle, Deaton woke in time to witness Scott’s eyes turning Alpha red before Scott was once again knocked backwards. Luckily, Sheriff Stilinski had realized where Deaton was (thanks to matching symbols on the bank floor and something else which I’ve forgotten, sorry!) and shot the rope holding Deaton. As Sheriff Stilinski called an ambulance, Deaton informed Scott he was an Alpha now, but not a normal one–a True Alpha. Though incredibly rare, Beta’s can rise to Alpha status simply by force of will, according to Deaton. Connecting the dots, Scott realized the Deucalion wasn’t after Derek at all–he was after Scott.

Lastly, Allison realized where her still-living grandfather was staying and paid him a visit, much to the latter’s lack of surprise.

And that’s it! Sorry this recap was so short, but I didn’t take as many notes last night as I usually do. So, Boyd’s dead, Scott’s an Alpha, and that evil Druid is still wreaking havoc on Beacon Hills. Fun times!

See you next week!


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