‘Pretty Little Liars’ S4E4 Recap: Sister, Sister

Photo Courtesy of ABC Family (abcfamily.com)

Last night’s Pretty Little Liars featured the return of Spencer’s shady big sis Melissa, more Marin family cop drama involving newbie Holbrook and his partner, Emily dealing with the fallout over her A-related injury, and Aria working through her lingering relationship woes. Not much really happened in this episode, though the audience was given a new and intriguing Alison flashback; the episode focused heavily on character development while nudging the girls toward future A developments.

1. First up, Emily.

After receiving a call from family services, Emily’s father returned home to confront Emily over her various A-related lies. Emily refused to tell her parents the truth behind her injured arm, and their loud argument only furthered their troubles when a neighbor called the cops about a domestic dispute. Also, Emily’s swimming future is still up in the air–the doctor informed her she might need surgery on her arm, which would have unpredictable results on her ability to keep swimming. Thus, her scholarship and Sanford dreams with Paige are also in danger. On the bright side, Paige and Emily are still going strong.

2. Aria

While out with Jake, Aria ran into Ezra’s son outside of a bookstore. Malcolm wanted to know why Aria never visited anymore, and Aria offered him a hasty excuse about being busy. Later, she told Jake the truth about her past relationship with Ezra, and Jake realized she was still hurting. But, instead of being scared off, Jake offered Aria some martial arts-themed advice (which went over her head, but nice try, Jake) and, when she asked if she could call him, told her she could.

Photo Courtesy of ABC Family (abcfamily.com)

3. Hanna

Though initially brusque toward Caleb’s attempts to help, Hanna eventually softened and let her adorably hunky boyfriend aid her and her mother in keeping the cops at bay. Ashley’s still hiding the truth from her daughter, but she finally admitted to being in Rosewood on the night of Wilden’s death. Also, when Holbrook and his partner (whose name I’ve forgotten) stopped by the bank, they found hundreds of dollars in cash in Wilden’s safety deposit box. Hmm, interesting. Somehow Wilden’s become even more mysterious post-death than he was when alive. I’m not complaining–dead characters on this show have always been some of the best sources for stories. (See: Alison, Maya, Toby’s mother, etc.).

4. Spencer

After tracking down the doctor who helped Toby’s mother, Spencer sent Toby away to confront the man (who was less of a doctor and more of an institutionalized patient himself now, though he did mention a blonde visiting Toby’s mom in the hospital pre-death) and stayed in Rosewood to keep an eye on Melissa. After hatching a plan with Aria involving a sneakily-placed Alison mask left for Melissa to find, the pair of Liars followed Melissa to the creepy mask maker’s place. Melissa dragged a bag–which Spencer briefly feared contained a body–to the lake and began to pull out and smash A masks one by one before tossing the shards in the water. When Spencer confronted her sister, Melissa proceeded to warn Spencer away from digging further for the truth (which Spencer absolutely won’t do, of course) and informed Spencer she’d been trying to protect her from this whole A mess from the start. Oh, and Melissa also suspects Alison’s still alive, as well. At this point, is there any doubt that Alison (or possibly a twin, as the show’s been subtly suggesting for some time) is alive? We’ll see. Anyway, Aria also confronted the mask maker and discovered a whole shelf of A masks, plus the last shot of the episode featured A gluing the rescued mask shards back together, so obviously those won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

Photo Courtesy of ABC Family (abcfamily.com)

So, what’d you think of the episode? I’m really enjoying Aria and Jake’s budding relationship; it’s nice to see her with someone who’s not Ezra and is also her own age. Plus, Jake seems like a pretty decent guy so far. Should we be suspicious of Holbrook? Right now, it’s hard to tell if he’s a good guy who’s just doing his job, or if he’s another Wilden type, but he’s definitely taken a keen interest in the girls and Hanna’s secretive mother. Speaking of Ashley, how long until we figure out the full extent of her involvement in Wilden’s death? I’m ridiculously curious.

Anyway, see you next week!



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