‘Teen Wolf’ S3E3 Recap: The Virgin Suicides


Last night’s Teen Wolf involved a lot of strangers being mauled in the woods, bugs being more annoying than usual, people making surprising (but mostly not-so-surprising) choices, and plenty of slo-mo heroic shots that were hilariously bad but forgivable because this show is so darn good.

The episode picked up shortly where the last left off, with Boyd and Cora running wild in the woods. Boyd’s first target was two children catching fireflies (AKA the episode’s title) in the woods (in the middle of the night because OK). As Boyd–somehow looking simultaneously ridiculous and terrifying in his wolf state–prepared to attack, the fireflies began to circle/distract him, and Scott pulled the children to safety before giving Derek a call.

Meanwhile, Lydia (last seen screaming wildly post-nightmare) decided to hunt down some ibuprofen after hers ran out, but drove to the town pool instead on some strange whim and discovered a body.  Soon after, she called the police and Stiles (in that order, much to the latter’s humorous annoyance). After checking out the body, Stiles gave Scott a call to clue him in. Also, Stiles found a promise ring (I think, I didn’t get a good look) on the body, indicating the slain was a virgin (which will be important later). Bad luck, dude. RIP.

After briefly ruminating on her chat with Scott (he finally confessed that her mother had attempted to kill him) about her murderous mom, Allison dug an arrow out of her car and began to hunt Boyd and Cora solo. Not the smartest decision, but I like seeing Allison’s bad-ass side, and the decision paid off nicely later when her path converged with the wolves. But, remember two episodes ago when Allison and Daddy Argent talked about their promise to stay out of Beacon Hill’s supernatural craziness so they could remain living in the town? I’m sure no one expected that vow to last, and it didn’t–both Argents, unbeknownst to one another, broke their promise and joined the werewolf hunt.

Scott suckered Daddy Argent into the hunt with a surprisingly intelligent (for Scott) move; when straight-up asking for help didn’t work (and only earned Scott a gun in the face), Scott asked Daddy Argent for a ride to the murder scene. Daddy Argent took one look at the victim and decided to help. Immediately, he proved to be a successful asset by tracking down Boyd’s footprints and then coming up with a plan to lure the bloodthirsty pair into the high school’s boiler room. Because no one should be in the school this late at night, right? WRONG. New English teacher whose name I’ve forgotten was doing some late night grading. Obviously she has some learning to do on the ways of Beacon Hill (like how the HS is usually the center of deadly supernatural shenanigans because, hello, the show’s called TEEN Wolf for a reason).

Anyway, Scott and co. trapped Boyd and Cora in the high school with plenty of help from the Argents (Allison helped by shooting light-arrows at the pair’s feet until they were inside, and Isaac locked the door behind them; the resulting look they shared with one another was all the push I–and probably most of the fandom–needed to start shipping the duo). Unfortunately, Scott heard a third heartbeat in the boiler room after he and Derek successfully locked Boyd and Cora inside. Derek did the honorable thing and entered the boiler room himself, then the show proceeded to threaten Derek’s life, but they were just teasing us–Boyd and Cora ripped Derek’s shirt to bloody sheds (much better than dead, thanks Teen Wolf!) as he held the two apart until the sun came up. Then he rescued Lady English Teacher, who smiled at him but seemed oddly trusting, despite his bloody appearance? I don’t know, I just think I’d be more terrified than she if I was nearly slaughtered by two werewolves, and then rescued by a man who was half-torn to bloody shreds? (Oh, who am I kidding. Tyler Hoechlin even looks good covered in bloody claw wounds.) Instead, Lady English Teacher was grateful and trusting, and I think the show was hinting at a future romance between the two. Go Derek, I guess? Moving on.

On the dead virgins front, Mama McCall pulled Stiles into the morgue to see the slain boy’s body. The poor guy had been hit in the back of the head, strangled, and THEN had his throat slashed. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the only one–Mama McCall pulled the sheet off another body, none other than Stiles’s childhood friend Heather. After a tearful moment, Stiles put two and two together and realized the dead were a set of virgin sacrifices. A third girl–missing after gigantic bugs of horror covered the tent where she and her girlfriend were about to sleep together for the first time and made her run screaming through the woods–turned up dead by episode’s end, as Stiles knew she would.

I don’t know where Teen Wolf is going with the virgin sacrifices storyline, but I LOVE IT. I’m intrigued, and this show has never disappointed with its big bads or overarching season plots. Also, the new alpha pack and their blind leader are presumably involved, so I’m ridiculously excited to see how all of this plays out. Fun times ahead! (For us, anyway. I’m sure Scott and co. would disagree).

So, how soon until Isaac/Allison and Derek/Lady English Teacher hook up? Next week, maybe? Also, how worried should we be about Stiles, who’s still a virgin? Get laid soon, Stiles! Your life depends on it!


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